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Club Member Feature Requests

Club Tesla Quebec members (over 450 of them!) are passionate about their cars and share Tesla's philosophy to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. With this in mind, they respectfully put forward the following feature requests that would make the current Tesla vehicles even more advanced, intelligent, and compelling. Each requested feature has been well thought out and has a distinct purpose and value. We hope that Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, will respectfully take these requests seriously and implement as many as possible within the near future.

Your dedicated Québec Tesla Owners...

Please direct all questions and communications to:

Gad Elmoznino (

Club Administrator




  1. GPS

    1. Add the map scale on the main GPS screen

    2. Propose 2 or 3 alternate routes when entering a route on the GPS (as does Google Maps)

    3. Add the ability to put multiple user defined stops for a user route

    4. Add current vehicle altitude information


    1. Activate only the pre-heating of the battery from the application (without heating the cabin)

    2. Winter functionality from the app :

      1. Turn on the heated seats

      2. Turn on the rear defrost

      3. Turn on the front defrost

      4. Access and control all Climate Control Custom functions

    3. Open the rear hatch from the app

    4. Lower all the windows from the app

    5. When in Valet Mode, get a notification when vehicle is opened or starts moving etc

    6. From the app, set or modify the time to start charging

    7. From the app, modify the max amperage to draw

    8. Set a destination in the GPS, from the app

  3. Indicate the instantaneous consumption in W·h/km

  4. French Canada language selection for US and navigation etc

  5. "Easy Entry" for passenger seat

  6. Speed sensitive volume on the audio system

Modifications (some are bugs)

  1. Detect and display the real max speed limit (often when two panels indicating max and min speeds are present, the cars will show the minimum as the max speed limit (see photo)

  2. If imperial units are selected on a car while in Canada, the detected and posted speed limit should still show the number in Km/h that is on the panel (or at the very least, convert to MPH as it does now but INDICATE that it is MPH. The inverse issue also occurs when a Canadian car, that is in metric units enters the USA. The car will improperly display speeds and use inaccurate numbers in its estimation of arrival times etc making the nav pretty useless. It also renders setting a cruise control speed complicated as mental speed conversions must be done by the driver.

  3. Choice of tire pressure units independent of unit system chosen. While in Canada we use the metric system, tire pressure is still generally quoted in PSI and not Bar. Same issue for temperature. It would be good to set each item individually in metric or imperial.

  4. More details on error messages with respect to the source of the problem.

  5. Option to not automatically connect to Bluetooth devices

  6. Automatic views of lateral cameras during lane changes or when turn signal is engaged

  7. Ability to display any of the cameras used for AP on the screen

  8. Ability to transfer video from various cameras to usb memory key

  9. Camera recording enabled if any alarm goes off or any accident detected

  10. Add HOLD Brake function for non AP cars




  1. Defroster for charge port door (often gets frozen over)

  2. Air vents on top of doors for windows that often are difficult to defrost

  3. Programmable passenger seat settings

  4. Steering wheel heating levels

  5. Front headlight washer

  6. Better seals on bottom of doors (especially on MX) for no accumulation of slush and snow

  7. Better placement of windshield fluid access on the Model S


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